Photographer Content Day: Why we do it.

I am sure you see photographers posting their crazy cool content day photographs, but have you ever wondered why we do it? Yes, it absolutely gives us that insta content you see, but it’s so much more. You learn, so much more than you thought you would. You learn from the host, you learn from fellow photographers attending with you. You try a new technique that will add value to your work, that maybe we were too nervous to try at real weddings. We get to talk to other photographers, which is a big bonus and honestly my favorite part! We don’t have coworkers like most 9-5 jobs, and sometimes that can get a little lonely. No one to ask if you are having computer issues, or need help picking a finish for photos.

Those reasons and so much more are why I will always continue to do them! To grow, to learn, to create. Here are some images I created, that i am very, very proud of.

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