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Hi there! I wanted to take this little page to chat about what you can expect from me and your experience throughout your entire wedding process!! First things first: I'm so much more that just a photographer. I'm your guide, new 3rd wheel (and the best 3rd wheel, if I do say so myself) and here for any help or assistance you need! 

I'm here to help you create the best wedding day of your dreams that you never want to end. I am here to help you experience every little moment, AND then when the gallery is delivered  and you get to relive everything, for the rest of your lives, it is absolutely perfect.

I want you both to be your most authentic selves on your day.  You should be on cloud freaking 9, smiles so big your face hurts, belly laughing all day with all your favorite people.  You both need to experience your day fully and completely.

You deserve to find a photographer you gets every couple, every wedding is 100% different.  That is why I offer a variety of packages to fit just what you need, and even if those don't quote fit right we can tailor everything to what you both need.


From the minute you book me, I am here to help! If you need some help perfecting your timeline, vendor recommendations, whatever it may be...I GOT YOU!  I have been around this wedding block, a time or 2 (more like 100+) and I have seen a lot.  I am a very go with the flow type person in my personal life, which I think makes me so good at helping with problems day of weddings.  We love to say there are never any issues, but it's life and sometimes things may pop up, but at the end of the day, you still marry you bestie and thats all that matters.  I always say, no matter what comes our way, we will always capture what you dreamed of by the time I leave for the night.

you ready???

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AManda Kocher

Northeast Pennsylvania
Portrait & Wedding Photographer