I'm a wildhearted, creative, adventuring, fun loving human

i love what i do.
huge fan of capturing big love
in the little moments

Based in
Dallas, PA

—About The Studio

Photos by Amber Rought

I love to adventure with my couples, just hang out and capture you as you are.  My other favorite is capturing my couples as they grow their families or have big moments long after the wedding, they call me to capture.  That makes this heart very happy because I always try and treat my couples like my friends. I always say I am the best third wheel to have hanging around all the time!

I started my little dream in 2013.  I never imagined it would take me to where it has today.  Photographing weddings in my home state of Pennsylvania (and beyond) was not the direction I thought my business would go, back when I started, but I can tell you I am so, so happy it did! I never could've imagined how much love, big moments, little moments and just plain fun I would get to photograph and experience.

it makes me so happy

hi! I am so glad you are here!

If im not editing or shooting, you can find me right here
on our little pontoon boat we bought & are slowly fixing up!

This is Charlie & Smudge. So if you're wondering if I like dogs at sessions?? Answer is YES

This my husband Louis.  He supports this crazy dream of mine even when I edit till the wee hours of the night

These are my 2 cats....Cash & Elvis! They are brothers and honestly act more like dogs than they do cats.


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